At Queen Cosmetics we embody uniqueness, boldness, inclusivity, and boundary-breaking ideals. Founded by Elimar Depaula, we were launched in June 2020 from her parents' apartment. The foundation of Queen Cosmetics lies in eccentric beauty, designed to disrupt conventional beauty standards through the infusion of art and innovation.

At the heart of Queen Cosmetics is the commitment to inspire individuals to unleash their inner artistry. This is achieved through the creation of unique and innovative products that foster a sense of liberation in artistic expression for everyone who wears them. Queen Cosmetics prioritizes high-quality formulas, enriched with skin-loving ingredients, ensuring a blend of glamour and nourishment.

Grateful for the incredible journey, Ellie expresses her thanks to everyone who has been a part of the Queen Cosmetics community. As a Latina-owned venture, Queen Cosmetics stands as a testament to the empowerment of diverse voices in the beauty industry.